Music by Elwood & Magellanic Milk

Latest releases:
2016-08-28 The Guild of Rewind Fantastically reaching back to the 80s. This track is my contribution to Analysis by Bitfellas and Acko, the winner of interactive demo competition at Evoke 2016. Download MP3
2013-12-02 Spark A consequence of my renewed interest in making music. Download MP3
2010-09-17 Hey Peaches
(You Leave Me Speechless)
Theme song for Toppbloggarna remixed. The first song released under the alias Magellanic Milk. Available on iTunes Music Store. Available on iTunes
2010-04-21 Theme to Vertebra A demoscene "comeback" release with an uplifting tone. Download MP3
Older MP3 releases ('00 - '03) in alphabetical order:
Agony Who came up with the song title? :) Download MP3
Beyond the Rainbow What lies there... Download MP3
Far Away Download MP3
Feed Your Supermind Download MP3
I Can Seek Download MP3
Low Horizon Download MP3
Memorize Download MP3
On the Run Download MP3
Outcast Download MP3
Past & Present This is a track I composed for Razor 1911. It was supposed to be my entry for Dreamhack '00 music compo. Download MP3
Stompin' Little Scouts Download MP3
Sunshine Download MP3
Take Me There Download MP3
The Only One Left This is actually the last .XM module I finished on FT2, rendered to an MP3. Download MP3
Waverider Download MP3
Waverider 2003 Remix Download MP3
XM releases ('94 - '00) in alphabetical order:
After Hours Download XM
Dead Lock Download XM
Experience Download XM
Fall From Sky Download XM
Feats of Valor Download XM
Homecoming Download XM
Inferiority Complex Download XM
Into the Shadow Download XM
Little Man Download XM
Neutral Zone Download XM
One Fine Day Download XM
Sick on Monday Download XM
Shooting Star Download XM
Sweet Dreams Download XM
Unknown Phuture Download XM

Note: to play XM files, you need a module player, for example VLC.